Terms & Conditions

“You” refers to the buyer or user of the site.
“We” or “Us” refer to the bdebazaar.com team.
“Vendor” refers to the seller or merchant who are showcasing the product on bdebazaar.com.

* Registration and usage of users’ information
Registration is required to purchase product from bdebazaar.com. This ensures authenticity of the buyer and helps us provide better service.
We collect your billing and shipping information during the order. The contact information is collected for further communication regarding the order you make.
You will also be subscribed to newsletter service of bdebazaar.com, which you can unsubscribe any time.
Collected information is not shared, sold or rented to any third party.
We only share this information to the legal authority or the court of law if any legal issue arises.

bdebazaar.com is a platform for sellers to showcase their product and for buyers to get information about any of the product. None of the product is manufactured or owned by bdebazaar.com.

*Purchasing product
There is no limit of purchasing product. You can choose product from any vendor and add to your shopping cart. We prefer you log in before adding products to the cart. This will preserve your cart information in case you want to continue later.

Payments must be made upfront using debit/credit card or by bKash. Orders will only be processed after confirmation of the payment clearance.
No data of your debit/credit card is stored on bdebazaar.com database and is directly sent to respective bank through an encrypted data channel. You will receive a copy of invoice as soon as you place the order.

*Packaging and delivery
For delivery within Dhaka area, bdebazaar.com personnel will collect the ordered product from the store and deliver to the shipping address you provide during the order. There shall be a verification seal on the packaging which ensures that the packaging was verified by the seller and is not opened by bdebazaar.com delivery personnel. You should not accept the delivery if the verification seal is broken.
Delivery outside Dhaka will be made through reputed courier service company. In this case, security seal may not be available.

*Responsibility of the customer
You must provide a valid shipping address for the orders. bdebazaar.com or the seller  cannot  be hold responsible for any dispute arise from invalid shipping address or payment information you provide.
If you make any mistake during placing the order, you must contact bdebazaar.com within one hour of the order.
bdebazaar.com or the seller will not be responsible for how you use the purchased product. You  will be responsible for using any of the products illegally.

*Dispute resolution
bdebazaar.com will try to resolve any dispute within shortest time and in the most cost effective way. Following situations can come up as a dispute:

You claim to find different product than what you ordered.
You find the security seal broken (within Dhaka).
You find the product damaged or expired.
You claim the product was never delivered.

In each case your claim will be verified by bdebazaar.com and if proven right then following resolution will be taken.

Situation 1:
You should contact the seller and seller must agree to change the product and provide the actual ordered product to you.

Situation 2:
You must not receive the product with broken seal. If the seal was damaged because of natural causes like rain, storm etc. or because of any unexpected and unintentional accident then the product inside will be verified in presence of representative of bdebazaar.com. If the product found not damaged and deliverable, then the packaged will be delivered to you. If the product found not deliverable, bdebazaar.com will deliver the product on their cost.

Situation 3:
If you placed order with “Care Shipping” and was found broken after delivery, bdebazaar.com will deliver the product again on their cost. If the order was not placed with “Care Shipping”, you should contact the seller and seller must agree to replace the product with a new one in place.

If the order was placed with “Care Shipping” and the product is intact but quality is different than you expected, you should contact with seller and resolve the situation. bdebazaar.com does not take responsibility about the quality of product.

Situation 4:
bdebazaar.com will verify the claim and if the claim was found valid, bdebazaar.com  will deliver the product on their cost.

**This terms may change at any time and bdebazaar.com will notify you about any changes with the terms.
If you have any query, feel free to send us an email at info@bdebazaar.com.